Loving Reticulated Silver Jewellery

At Lizzyanthus, we love to add texture to our jewellery designs and creations using our favourite technique: reticulation.

The process of reticulation involves super-heating the surface of the silver until it becomes molten.  We then use our torches and tools to direct the flow of liquid metal around the piece.  Whilst it is interesting to see how liquid metal ripples like waves, the best part is that the technique always produces completely unique results.

The following are just some of the jewellery we have made using reticulated silver.  To see more, visit our Folksy shop where you can find our entire product range.

A recent post of ours also shows hows we used reticulation to create textures in 9ct gold pendants.  This was particularly challenging as the gold needed to be heated to a much higher temperature than we normally require for silver.

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